The Cisco SFP-10G-LR: Cost-Effective, Cisco Compatible Transceiver Module

The Cisco SFP-10G-LR: Cost-Effective, Cisco Compatible Transceiver Module

Cisco Compatible 10gbase-lr SFP: Unveiling the 10g Transceiver Module - Cisco SFP-10G-LR Insights


As we delve into the modern world of data centers and enterprise connectivity, the term "10gbase-lr" frequently emerges as a top player in the optical transceiver game. For businesses and service providers alike, understanding its capabilities and compatibility options is crucial. This article will dissect the 10gbase-lr sfp module, its connection with Cisco, and how it stands out in the ethernet ecosystem.


Cisco and 10gbase-lr: A Symbiotic Connection

One cannot discuss the 10gbase-lr sfp without giving due credit to its close association with Cisco. Known for producing high-quality networking equipment, Cisco's integration of the 10gbase-lr module has amplified its utility in data centers and enterprise networks. But what makes the Cisco sfp-10g-lr and its compatible variants special?


Compatible Cisco 10gbase-lr SFP

Cisco ensures that their sfp modules are built according to stringent specifications. A Cisco compatible 10gbase-lr sfp module supports a link length of 10 kilometers on standard single-mode fiber (SMF). These modules are certified and tested by Cisco to guarantee a seamless plug-and-play experience. With a Cisco quality identification feature, businesses can easily identify whether the module is certified.

The importance of compatibility in optical transceivers cannot be stressed enough. Businesses often look for Cisco compatible modules to ensure a hassle-free connection and optimal data transmission.


Delving Deeper into the Optical Transceiver Technology

The 10gbase-lr module relies heavily on the 1310nm wavelength for transmitting data over single-mode fiber (SMF) connections. This transceiver supports a data rate of 10g, making it a perfect fit for 10 gigabit ethernet connectivity options.

SMF, especially the G.652 variant, is most commonly used with 10gbase-lr modules. With a standard LC connector, it ensures a stable connection and is compliant with multiple standards, including SFF-8472. Such compatibility and compliance make the 10gbase-lr a favorite in service provider transport networks and enterprise wiring closets.

The Versatility of 10gbase-lr Connectivity Options

The world of optical ethernet offers a wide variety of 10 gigabit ethernet connectivity options, and 10gbase-lr stands out amongst its peers. Whether it's the 10gbase-lrm for extended ranges or the 10gbase-er for even longer distances, each variant brings unique capabilities to the table.

For instance, the Cisco 10gbase-er module supports a link length of up to 40 kilometers on standard single-mode fiber. Such versatility ensures that businesses have a plethora of options when deciding on their connectivity solutions.

Unoptix and 10gbase-lr: A Promise of Quality and Trust

At Unoptix, we understand the critical role optical transceivers play in your connectivity landscape. Our commitment to quality and compatibility ensures that our 10gbase-lr sfp modules not only meet but exceed industry standards. With a 5-year warranty on our products, we ensure a seamless integration with both major and emerging network equipment manufacturers.

Our dedication extends beyond just product offerings. We aim to be your trusted partner in building, connecting, protecting, and optimizing your optical infrastructure. Dive into our catalog to explore the best in 10gbase-lr modules and other optical transceiver solutions tailor-made for your business needs.



What is the 10G long range?
The 10G long range is a lightwave converter designed for 10G ethernet linking options over single mode fiber (SMF), supporting distances up to 10 km.

Can I plug the 10G standard adapter directly into a port of a Cisco switch?
Absolutely! Our 10G standard adapters are designed to fit directly into an ethernet adapter port of a Cisco switch, ensuring compatibility and seamless operation.

Is the 10G standard unit compatible with Cisco?
Yes, our 10G standard units are crafted according to Cisco's guidelines, ensuring compatibility with various Cisco switches, including those supporting Cisco adapter and 10G ethernet adapters.

How does 10G standard differ from 10G short range?
The main difference lies in distance and fiber type. The Cisco 10G short range supports short distances, while the 10G long range is optimized for longer distances, up to 10 km on a single strand of standard SMF.

What temperature conditions are optimal for the 10G standard unit?
These units are generally designed to operate within a set temperature spectrum. However, specific units crafted for extended temperatures are available for challenging environments.

Where can I get the datasheet for the 10G standard unit?
Detailed specifications and compatibility options for our 10G standard units can be accessed on our website.

Which type of fiber is recommended with the 10G long range?
The 10G long range is tailored for single mode fiber (SMF), especially for transmissions over a lone strand of standard SMF.

Can I power a device using just one strand with the 10G standard unit?
The 10G standard unit doesn't directly provide power to devices. An appropriate power source is essential. However, the unit needs a particular converter supply voltage for operation.

How user-friendly is installing or replacing the 10G standard unit?
Extremely. The plug-and-play feature ensures effortless installation. Most platforms can detect if the unit is compliant once connected.

Is the standard fiber distributed data interface supported?
Absolutely, our 10G standard units are compatible with the fiber distributed data interface, ensuring synchronization with various 10G ethernet configurations.