We provide cost-effective, scalable solutions that are easy to manage at a fraction of the cost of vendor-branded equivalents.

We continuously focus on solving network challenges and enhancing the competitiveness of our customers. Our customer base includes enterprises, governments, cloud providers, Internet exchanges, and cable and telecom operators. Our products are based on developed hardware and software and enhanced through our services.

The fiber optics industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Data is growing at an unprecedented rate. User expectations are arising. We help network builders with high-quality network components that work around the clock. With Unoptix, the total cost of ownership is greatly reduced without suffering quality loss.


We offer cost-effective infrastructure solutions on optical networks, data centers, and enterprise networks based on hardware development.


We help our customers obtain innovative technology according to their requirements. We provide premium quality products with sales product support.

Our Belief

Our commitment is to create market-leading products and bring value to customers. We provide world-class optical products and network solutions.



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